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Because without the right engine, a board isn’t much fun…

A windsurfing board without a rig is like a car without a motor, and at FBC we simply provide you with the best tuned engines in the world, made by North Sails !! They will allow you to make the best out of every minute spent on the water, enjoying light, high-performance perfectly rigged and trimmed sails, and enough of all the sizes you may wish for at all of our spots!

North Sails is the True Rig Brand and a major trendsetter with the end consumer always in mind, delivering constant quality both in cut, construction and immediate results on the water, for your utmost pleasure.

North has also introduced since 1981 some major innovations which have become the standards of the industry, along with fine accessories, smart trimming aids and unique features that make your windsurfing easy, exciting and totally enjoyable.

Each and every year, North Sails comes up with new innovations, new designs and new improvements to products that become lighter and lighter and which ease of use and performance make the success of top riders and amateurs alike, all around the globe.

So why waste energy on land and on the water when your engine actually just feels like a feather in your hands and will let you enjoy hours of fun?

North Sails 2017 SAIL RANGE

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